Thursday 21 April 2011

"Big Dream" vs "Dream Big"

Is there a difference between "Big Dream" and "Dream Big"?

Think about it...

For me, there is a difference. My interpretation is that "Big Dream" is something sizable yet definable or limited but "Dream Big" is something indefinite or limitless ! In short, when someone said you have a "Big Dream", the definition of "big" has been limited to the interpretation of that person (however big it is). On the other hand, when someone said you have to "Dream Big", the dream is border less, it's all up to you to define! Make sense?

So, you mustn't only have "Big Dream" but must also "Dream Big"!

Since we are on the topic of dream, sharing herewith some pictures/photos related to dreams:

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Happy Easter Day to ALL! And don't forget the "3 things that make you smile..."


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  1. I only Want to sleep well without any dreams :)