Thursday 14 April 2011

3 things that you are fighting life

Still remember my post on 06/04/2011 regarding "The 3 things that we are fighting for...(in life)"? I am coming back to this now, as promised.

It is actually inter-related to my post yesterday about the values in life. To have a meaningful life and knowing what we are actually fighting for in life, we need to consciously identify them (the values) and constantly reviewing them. Only then, we can proudly tell ourselves or our children/grandchildren in our dead bed (touch-wood) that we have no regret in our life as we've fulfilled our being on earth!

In life, it's not how long you live, but how many people you touched that count!

I know it is already first quarter of year now and your 2011 Resolution could have been still "collecting dust" inside your PC/laptop. However, it is never too late to review/plan for our life and attach meaning to it!

First, let's identify the top 3 values that you are fighting for in life (do remember that to be really meaningful, this value is supposed to be shared with the people around you too). Example of the values are:
  • Wealth
  • Knowledge
  • Happiness
  • Charity
  • Health
  • Professionalism (Business/Career)
  • Relationship (Friendship)
  • Family value etc...
Next, from each of the values that you've identified above, associate one or two objective(s) that you choose to accomplish in the current year. For example:
  • Wealth       : To accumulate $x by 31/12/2011
  • Knowledge : To learn about Internet Marketing by 30/06/2011
  • Happiness  : To make 10 friends/family members SMILE via consciously planned action (e.g. surprise presents, party etc...), by year end!
Of course, to be truly practical (as we are living in an ever changing environment), the values/objectives should be reviewed regularly (half-yearly is recommended) so as to ensure that we are staying on course towards our meaning of life!     

I know, it does looks like yet another resolution, however, there is a different here. The difference is that it is driven by your very own VALUES in life that you identified yourself! See the difference?

On this topic, I've created a poll (see right hand panel) for you folks to identify which is your top VALUE in Life. Do feel free to join the poll!


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