Thursday 7 April 2011


Recently, I have been promoting my blog quite "aggressively" on forums, social media sites (like Facebook) with the objective of reaching out to as many people in the world as possible (my motto of "Inspire It Forward").

I am very proud to announce that my blog does attract some pretty good result a.k.a it has since deemed "International" (self proclaim), my readers are from Singapore to Malaysia, Phillipines, Australia, Europe, USA and UAE etc...(the list is too long to list all the countries here! hehe). However, I know this is only the beginning, the night is still young as my reach in population is still very negligible. Thus, I do hope YOU too can help me in reaching out to the friends of yours to "Inspire It Forward"!

Also, I do hope more readers can post your comment on how I can do it better or any specific subject that you would like me to cover. Thanks in advance! Oh, special thanks to Ms Omicron, all the way from Cairo, on your nice comment!

Before I part, my sharing of today's quote:

"Why is sun always associated with happiness and positivity? Because when you stand directly under the sun, your shadow (negativity) will be shy away! So, be the SUN to the people around you to chase away their shadows!"

For those who are new here, do check out my page on "Inspire It Forward" and "3 Things that make you smile" too!


PS: For those who are into "Internet Marketing", feel free to check out my page on this too!

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