Sunday 3 April 2011



Today, I have a very fulfilling day in revamping my blog! a NEW ME! Hope you folks like my new look.

Briefly, the changes are:
1. Changed the theme to white background (for better visual)
2. Created 3 NEW pages i.e.:
a. Brain Teaser - I will add regular ORIGINAL brain teaser to test your Inspirational Quotient (IpQ). The FIRST brain teaser is OUT, try it out NOW!
b. Internet Marketing For Beginner : This page contains FREE information for those of you who are into Internet Marketing. No harm trying since it's FREE!
c. Links : This page provides you folks with links/sites which are related to Inspirational or Motivational Topics.

Do give me your feedback on how you feel about the NEW ME!

Before I part, sharing the following thought of mine:

To look,you just need the eyes ; To see, you need eyes, brain and heart! So, SEE more to LOOK further!


Note: Order of the previous posts might not be in date order as I've updated selected older posts!

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