Thursday 28 April 2011

Work Work Work.....

Every now and then, I will come across people (mostly strangers) who are complaining about their job, their miserable pay, their colleagues, their bosses and in fact the whole company. It could happen at anywhere, inside the train while traveling to and from work, at food court having my meals etc...

But, my view is that employment is a formal contract whereby the employee has some skills and competency to offer and the company, in return, paying them the agreed remuneration package. In most circumstances, no one was forced into signing the contract... So, I kind of failed to understand why so much of grievances now?

I can understand that many a time, it really voice down to the mis-match of expectation regarding their contribution vs their remuneration. More often than not, employee's self-perceived contribution is higher than the employer's and thus the mis-match. Having said that, I do agree that with the constantly changing and evolving business environment, it's really hard to find a perfectly matched employment and the days of just wanting to do the simple(easier) work is no longer exist.

Thankfully, nowadays it's much easier for us to come out on our own to be an entrepreneur, starting a small businesses or become an info-preneur. With the invent of the Internet and the ever increasing eBusiness and eShopping market, Internet Marketing (or now Mobile Marketing) is one force that we all should be aware of and paying attention to.

Of course, after went through some serious learning about Internet Marketing myself, I must say that it is NOT a "Make Me Rich Quickly" program, you need to put in some consistent and great effort and time (mainly for learning and fine-tuning) for it to be successful. But, it is really a great platform that enable every individual to have an equal ground to tap on the global e-market with very low or zero cost. Besides, it could well be one of your good passive income stream that streaming in wealth while you are sleeping! ;-)

It's borderless, it's limitless, all possibility are within your mighty mind!

Lastly, would like to share the following quote of mine:

"To reach the world, you need to have goal; To reach the goal, you need to do thing with heart and soul; At the end, your glowing or gloomy world is the direct result of what you sow!"

That's all for my sharing today!


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