Friday 22 April 2011

Forward, backward or status quo?

We are living in an ever changing environment and the scary part is that the speed of change is getting faster and faster. Just take smart phone product as an example, the new model that just launched a few months ago will soon be replaced with newer model (by the same company) and the previous model is getting obsolete in just as fast!

Just think about the iPhone or iPad phenomena...

So, in whatever you are doing now, you can't possibly stay status quo, you are either going backward or moving forward, there is no such thing as status quo. For example, if you stop progressing/developing/learning new skills/competency/ knowledge for a month, you are literally shifted backward by other people who has progressed ahead of you during that one month. Thus, to progress, there is only one way, which is keeping going and learning...

To sum it up: "You are either going backward or moving forward, there is NO status quo".

I hope you still remember and practicing the ritual of citing the "3 things that make you smile". For me, the 3 things that make me smile today are:
1) Enjoyed the family gathering on the Easter Holiday
2) Went to the Woodlands Waterfront Jetty for the first time and enjoying the breeze of wind and the view across to Malaysia (JB) shore
3) Enjoyed a cold cold "Ice Kacang" dessert* amidst the hot and humid weather.

*For the benefits of my non-Asian visitors, Ice Kacang dessert looks something like this:

Lastly, I hope you folks have (or will be having) a wonderful Easter Holiday!!


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