Wednesday 20 April 2011

Beautiful cloud...

I've taken 2-days "off" from my blogging to focus on work and the Central Of Inspiration site (sourcing for the content). I am BACK now!

I must admit that I've addicted to watching the sky and cloud over my head, whenever I see an unique or beautiful formation of cloud, my iPhone will be in action. The mysterious formation of cloud (be it in the sunny and clear sky or on a gloomy dark skyline) and it's once only display (i.e. you will never see identical cloud formation twice), make it a joy to admire the photos over and over again. What is more amazing for me is : I've learnt that there are quite a number of my personal friends whom also like to see the skyline! Is there a name for such hobby?

Yesterday, I managed to shoot a patch of snowy white cloud under a blue blue sky which reminded me of cotton wool in deep blue sea... (it was shoot at around Bugis Junction, Singapore)

What a beauty....

Isn't It Beautiful?
If you folks are also into sky/cloud photos, you may want to check out my other blog entitled Sky Is The Limit!

Lastly: You can't control your starting line, but you can definitely determine your finishing line! So, start drawing your line (destination) now!


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