Sunday 17 April 2011


Yes, I am building a new home (virtually, in the Internet world). As per my "hint" on 16/04/2011, something interesting in on it's way. So, it's about time now...

Basically, I've just created another site (blog) to serve as an all-under-one-roof platform to share anything Inspirational or Motivational. The sharing comprises of songs, books, ebooks, sites, smart phone apps or on-line courses etc... that aimed to paint a tinge of positivity to your life. It is just another channel to "Inspire It Forward".

The name of my new home is Central Of Inspiration. For a sneak of my new Home., see below. Do come and visit me as often as you like ;-P:

I must admit that it is still a humble and small home as at now i.e. it is not fully furnished yet (I meant content wise in my virtual new home). Thus, I will continue to do my best to update the content as regular as possible. Having said that, I do know that in order to do it even better, I need input/comment from you folks, please check it out and provide your feedback/comment.

You may ask why do I need to create yet another site(blog) with the same theme (inspirational)? The reason is because I would like to preserve this Personal Blog for sharing of my thoughts. As for my new Home, it will serve as an one-stop resource centre with minimal personal blogging. So, information/resources is the focus of my new home!

Before I part to continue my sourcing for "furniture" (content), liked to share the following thought:

"No matter how big is your house, it is just a house; Only people staying inside can make it a HOME through laughter and warmness! So, it's more important to build a Home than a House!"


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