Saturday 9 April 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#4)

Once again, it's another Saturday night, "meeting" you folks on my blog again. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday so far!

Before I unveil this week's Inspirational Sharing, for those of you who have downloaded the PhotoScape that I shared yesterday and not sure what's in it for you (besides that it's FREE!). I've since compiled a list of the key features of PhotoScape to help you up. I know it is just the high level stuff for beginner, I will add in more detailed stuff in the subsequent sharing.

Just to showcase the capability of PhotoScape, I've done up a quick Photo Page for the sharing (it's a 5 minutes work):

Right, here we go, the 4th Inspirational Sharing...

1) Inspirational Video - Maybe, the most inspirational video ever...:

2) Inspirational Quote:

"Do nothing and hope for the best is not the best hope at all! Instead, we need to DO our best and the best will naturally come upon us!"

For those who are new here, do check out my page on "Inspire It Forward" and "3 Things that make you smile"!


PS: For those who are into "Internet Marketing", feel free to check out my page on this topic too!

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  1. i choose to succeed...power... that video inspired me so much...thank you for sharing that richard... :)