Wednesday 13 April 2011

Values to your Life

Let me start with the following:

"The world out there is full of opportunity, the problem is we was often fooled by our own capability"

Everyone of us will come to an end, someday, somehow (I don't foresee the immortality medicine/potion will ever be developed during our lifetime, if it does exist in the first place), thus, the only way to live a worthy and meaningful life is to attach values to your life.

So, what do I meant by "attaching values to your life"? When we talk about "value" in business world, we are referring to providing solution and convenience to the customers, it's not that far off when we liken "values" to Life. I am talking about what kind of "solution" and "convenience" that we can contribute to the people around us, they could be your colleagues, friends, family members or even a total stranger...The focus here is not on our life but on the life of people around us!

It is only through such sharing/contribution that we can appreciate the true meaning of gratification

Just to quote a few examples on what I deemed as creating values to the life of people around us:
  • Maintain a positive attitude/mindset towards people around us and create positive influnce towards their mindset ("Inspire It Forward").
  • Maintain a smiling face and sincere heart when dealing with anybody, and I really means everybody.
  • Always extend your helping hand, whenever in need.
  • Always extend your listening ears. whenever in need
  • Pass on or sharing of your knowledge and the list goes on...
You may ask what's in it for you to "create value to other people's life"? My answer will be a sincere smile with appreciation in return is what make it worthwhile!

There is a Chinese saying "我为人人,人人为我" (loosely translated as "What I did is for people around me AND what the people around me doing is for me!"). This is always my living principle and I hope you can find your living principle as well!


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