Sunday 3 April 2011


Today, let me start with one of my very own quotes:

Most opportunity only knocks on your door ONCE, if you always think TWICE to act, don’t expect to go further then THRICE of where you are/have now!

Many a time, we put in a lot of efort/time in searching through and waiting for a perfect condition before plunging into ACTION. However, with the ever-changing environment and the limitless potential factor(s) that could change the situation, there is actually NO perfect condition.

So, In whatever you are doing, act NOW, the future is in your hand only if you can seize it on-time! In your future, Sky is the limit!

Talking about the sky, I've just launched another blog to post my latest craze (photos of sky, clouds or high-rise building etc... from around the world, starting with Singapore). I know I am just an amateur in photography, but my objective is not to impress but to be RAW and ORIGINAL!

So, please feel free to check it out at (Theme: Sky Is The Limit) and provide your comment there too!

Lastly, do remember that tomorrow is EARTH HOUR! Do SWITCH OFF and be earth-friendly! This year's motto "Beyond The Hour", so, don't stop after 60 minutes! ;)
Happy weekend and remember to cite your "3 things..."!


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