Sunday 24 April 2011

Movies Relationship...

Just watched the movie "Source Code" (see poster below) today. A mediocre Sci-fi with expected ending...The storyline is like "back to the future" or "groundhog days" but all happened inside a train. Actually, what interest me most is the ending, it seems to reflect that "Ending is actually the beginning" (for those who watched the movie, please share your view on this point too).

This also reminded me another movie called "Memento" (see poster below) I watched sometime back. It was directed by Christopher Nolan (the director who brought us "Inception" phenomena many years later). This is the first movie I watched whereby the storyline was in snapshots of play-back sequences and in the end, it linked to the beginning of the story.

Source Code (Original Motion Picture Score)                                Memento

In both movies, the main actors got into some kind of relationship with the main actresses. That's what I am going to talk about today, the relationship! 

Have you noticed that it is getting harder and harder to maintain a good relationship nowadays, be it a romance,  marriage, friendship or family relationship? My take is that we are living in a much more complex environment now and people are getting more and more individualistic. Thus, it widen the gap of differing view among the people involved and created the frictions in their relationship.

For me, to maintain any good relationship, RESPECT is the main ingredient. To respect, we need to accept that everyone is unique and they warrant their own view/opinion/action! So, be respectful by not breaking the warranty!


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