Sunday 10 April 2011

Start With The End...

Does the title sounds contradicting to you? From my point of view, It is not and I can explain that...

First, are the following scenarios look familiar to you:
  1. A meeting or brainstorming session with an agenda A (for example: brainstorming a new product feature) went into a string of other discussion of non-related subjects (for example: resource issue, productivity issue at operation etc...).
  2. A group of friends get together for lunch and cannot decide what to eat. Again, a string of discussion (about what to eat)  get on and on until some bright spark "decide it" for the rest.
  3. You have decided to start something new (from as small as writing a blog to career switch or even starting a business venture (online or brick and mortar)) but keep getting diverted to other things along the way and didn't really get started.
  4. The list goes on....
That's exactly what I am talking about. Whenever we do or plan to do something, we are often guilty of not putting enough time or thought about the end result (i.e. what we are trying to achieve) upfront. The key here is "upfront"! In fact, at times we don't even know or have a good reason of why we doing it!

Thus, my view is that to increase the chance of success in everything that we do or plan to do, we need to start with the end in sight! The more compelling and vivid the end result that you can visualise and share, the better it will be. Not only that, the expected end result should be shared across to the people involved upfront. Again the key here is "upfront".

In the first example, the detailed expected outcome of the meeting and how the meeting is going to run, should be shared at the start of the meeting so that all participants are fully aware of their expectation. Agree?

The above is just my thought for the sharing and I am sure it's easier said than done. besides there are many other factors that contributed to the success of the thing that you are doing. Whatever it is, NEVER GIVE UP is the only recipe for success!

Hope you still counting your "3 things..."!


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