Friday 29 April 2011

iPad 2

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In slightly more than a week's time will be the Mother's Day (8th May 2001, Sun). Wish all the mothers in the world an early Happy Mother's Day. As for all the daughters and sons around, let's make it a memorable day for our beloved mother!

Today is the launch of iPad2 in Singapore and a few neighbouring countries. As expected, there were no long queues at majority of the authorised retailer shops here (even though iPhone and iPad are deemed as "National Phone/Tablets" here). I guess part of the reason are:
  • iPad was launched merely few months ago and those who bought the pioneer version are still happy with it.
  • iPad 2 doesn't seems to have any revolutionary breakthrough in features as compared to it's predecessor.
  • Many comparable tablets are streaming in from competitors, thus, more options for consumers.
  • On top of the online Apple shop, there are too many authorised retailers in Singapore, practically you can see at least one Apple authorised retailer in every recognisable shopping mall here.
Having said that, when comes to new IT gadget, especially smartphones/tablets, there will still be demand!In fact, nowadays smartphone is liken the watch that we are wearing, wherever we go, the smartphone is always on our hand or pocket. And the scary part is that most of us can't live without it.

How does it (smartphone) affect about our social life then? I guess the direct impact is that people are communicating (face to face) lesser and lesser as they make their fingers do the talking now. Also, I am sure it will also directly affect the standard of proper English in the younger generation as they twit/sms more then they "write".

Before I call it a day, my quote for the sharing:

"We can't see through other people's heart and mind but we can definitely use our heart to have a breakthrough with other people's mind"

That's all for my sharing today and wishing you a very happy and happening weekend. For those who are celebrating the May Day (Labour Day) on 1st May 2011, enjoy the extended weekend!


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