Saturday 16 April 2011

Something exciting is coming soon...Watch this space!, Inc.

Just back from soccer game awhile ago and realised that soccer at night provides quite a different feeling towards the game. Enjoyed the game very much especially the long chit-chat session with the team after the game! I'm Lov'in it!!

I realised that the traffic(visitors) on Friday is usually lower and I guess it's because most of you are outside partying or chilling out somewhere else except on the net...But surprisingly my blog on 11/04/2011 received 40% more in traffic as compared to the other days, I guess partly it's because the topic is about $$$... $$$ is really an attractive topic to talk about. Hehe...

My plan for the weekend is to do some more researching on the inspirational and motivational stuff/resources as I am in the midst of creating something exciting!! Watch this space!

Oh, just noticed that it's already 12.20am, Saturday (Singapore time) now, before I part "to meet grandpa Chow"*, sharing my thought on happiness:

"True happiness is when you are willingly giving more than you received, regardless of how rich or how poor are you!"

Happy weekend to ALL and don't forget your "3 things..."!


P/S: If you noticed, I've recently added the Reactions widget at the end of every post for your to indicate whether the post is funny, interesting, cool or useful!

*To meet grandpa Chow is a Chinese saying of sleeping!

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