Wednesday 11 July 2012

SPECIAL : Sleep Well ; Bugs Free

To have a good night sleep is very important as it will determine your following day's mood and energy level. There are two key elements that will affect your sleep pattern i.e. the soft element (your Mind and emotion etc.) and hard element (the environment and noise level etc.).

Today, I am going to share a specific situation of the hard element which will affect your sleeping quality as well as your health in general. It is the bed bugs! I am pretty sure many of us ever faced with this irritating common enemy of sleep before and the worst part is that they just seems to be undefeatable and keep coming back. 

There are many ways to fight against bed bugs but I find that the following two articles of the bed bugs symptoms and treatments quite informative (warning: some of the photos inside the articles might make you feel uncomfortable):

So, what is your personal experience of fighting against the bed bugs?


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