Tuesday 31 May 2011

Singapore - The Unhappiest Workforce!

Wow! I read with disbelief that Singapore's working adult is ranked the unhappiest workforce in a poll conducted by Talent Management company, Lumesse. This survey polled about 4,000 employees from a wide variety of industries across 14 countries. In the report released yesterday, Singapore ranked poorest in the following area:
- Least enjoy going to work, 
- Least loyal 
- Least supportive workplaces

And "pay" does not even come into picture yet (in fact, Singapore ranked quite OK in terms of "pay"). So, what does it tell us generally? I deduced that happiness cannot be improved solely by monetization (a term commonly used in Internet Marketing world). In short, money does not equal happiness! full-stop.

So, what are we (or Singaporean) looking for to lead an happier working life? Since money has no part to play here, what is it then will make us feel happier? As usual, I always like to look at thing in a more positive way, I further deduced that most Singapore working adults are just not contented with what they have now, and always looks for ways to improve the quality of their working environment. This has directly caused the working adult here to have higher expectation of their employers. Thus, the low ranking!

Make sense?

In any case, happiness is just one of the emotion, no one can be happy forever (that can only happen in fairy tale of 70's!). Thus, what we all should be looking for is to be at ease with ourselves and enjoy the company of friends, family and colleagues around us.

My sharing of original quote today:

"Data will turn into information only when digested and applied; Information will turn into knowledge only when accumulated and shared! So, you are deemed knowledgeable only when you are capable of sharing it!"


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SPECIAL : Movie Review - Animals United (3D)

Animals United (3D), a supposedly kid theme animation embedded with serious message about the health of earth i.e the effect of global warming, disasters caused by human being etc...In short, it's a movie about animals vs human being.

The storyline is very simple: a group of animals (a disillusioned lion, a giraffe, an elephant and the main character: a meerkat named Billy) united with another group of animals (a kangaroo, a farting Tasmania, a polar bear, a very old tortoise couple and their leader : a cock) to find their own destiny i.e. water and peaceful land for their survival.

Understand that this is a Germany production and dubbed into English with British ascent. The 3D effects are real good, the quality of animation is acceptable but being an educational kid theme animation, there are much less surprises in the plot (which is expected). Overall, it's a fun-filled and entertaining movie, especially for the kids.

This is a perfect movie that the whole family can enjoy together, especially during the mid-term School Holiday now! Do consider watching it in 3D though.

Finally, if I were to summarize this movie in one sentence, it would be "Save the Earth, Love the Animals!".


Sunday 29 May 2011

07734 - Guess What Is This?

Nope! It's a 4-D or lotto numbers that I am referring to here!
"07734" is actually a word. Can you guess what could that be? If you are old enough and went through the era of text messaging through a device called "Pager" (I am sure most of the Generation Y would not know what that is), you would probably know what I am referring to here. Think along the line of symbol like ;-P OR :-) but in more primitive and simplified form!

Care to share your answer in the comment? If nobody get it right, I will disclose the answer on 04/06/2011!

Come and think of it, all these cryptic messages came from creativity and thinking out of the box. I believed everyone of us have the flair of creativity, just that we might not use it often enough for it to be fully developed to enable us to think out of the box most of the time.

Also, I believed that environmental/location influence is another important factor to trigger our creative mindset. In short, we need to find out where is the specific location/position/environment (I termed it briefly as "Point Of Creativity") that we can think most creatively.

Take me for example, for all those original quotes that I shared in this blog, most of them strike me during the time when I was in the wash room (maybe it's the cold shower that sprinkling and streaming down my head that trigger all my creative brain juice! haha). So, my "Point Of Creativity" is my wash room. What's yours?

Again, last but not least, my sharing of original quote (all the way from my washroom):

"To fly high, you need to embrace height; To succeed, you need to plant the seed!"


Saturday 28 May 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#7)

Another week went passed just like that. It's time for another dosage of Inspirational Sharing!

Enjoy yourself and remember to Inspire It Forward!

1. Inspirational Video : Motivational and Inspiring Video to Success in Life: 

2. My Motivational/Inspirational Quotes:

"Great man is nothing more than doing small thing continually that others feel great about!"

Incidentally, from all the posts in my blog, I noticed that the post on MAD! gained the most pageview so far. I assume that many of my visitors like the Mad Comics too. In fact, Mad is the very first English comic that I read when I was a school boy then...Even though selected comic strips are deemed crude but it does "hit" you right on your face most of the time. You have no choice but to LAUGH!

So, I thought it might be a good idea to share a little bit more regarding Mad Comic here. Below is the latest issue of Mad Comic (#509). Click on the image to visit their official site (Note: You can download the preview pages in PDF format!): 


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Friday 27 May 2011

GSS (Great Singapore Sale)

 Ladies and Gentlemen, the yearly Great Singapore Sale is here once again! This nearly 2-months not-to-be-missed national event of Singapore (from 27 May 2011 to 24 Jul 2011) will definitely BIG enough to keep many happy faces on for at least 2 months (especially the ladies ;-P).

If you are from oversea and planning to come to Singapore within the next 2 months, just remember to bring extra cash (or credit cards) here ;-P. Because it's better to be "saving" than sorry! For more details on the offers/promotion, please check it out at GSS Official Site.

So, what does GSS got anything to do with my blog? You may ask...

In fact, I personally view that GSS has direct relationship with the objective of my blog. As you would already know by now, the aim of my blog is to Inspire It Forward and try to emit the positive energy forces to the people/friends around.

As for GSS, you will notice that most of the ladies (of course some man included) would discuss/chat/talk/msn/post non-stop on where to grab the great buy, which credit cards have what promotion/discount etc...with the highest energy level possible. Besides, when the hardcore shoppers are in action, no discount/sales labels managed to escape their eagle eyes. That's the highest level of commitment, productivity and efficiency of an HAPPY soul that we are talking about here!

So, can you see the correlation-ship yet?

Just thinking out loud, do you think event like "Great Singapore Smile/Happiness" will works with similar effect? Just thinking...

Lastly, please enjoy my original quote:

"Mentor is like a signboard on the road, they can guide you whether you are on the right track, but they can't determine for you where you should be going! YOU need to determine your own destination"

Have a good weekend ahead! Cheers!

Thursday 26 May 2011

Laying Bricks Or Building House?

Yesterday, in one of the company's section function, our GM shared a motivational story, which I've personally read it before (and I believed some of you might have read it/heard of it as well). however, since the objective of my blog is to inspire/motivate you, I've decided to share it again here.

The story goes something like this...

One day, when Mr Tan walking pass the construction site at his neighbourhood estate, he saw 2 workers laying bricks on the construction site. What attracted his attention is he noticed that their body language and expression seems to be very contrasting.

Out of curiosity, he approach the first worker who looks gloomy and lethargy, he asked "why you looks so down, is it because of the heat under the sun?", the worker replied "I am just laying bricks, can't you see that? what so great about it?"

Mr Tan just smile and approach the second worker who are whistling , focus and energetic, Mr Tan asked "Why you looks so happy? ain't you just laying brick like your colleague over there?"

The second worker answered "No, I am not just laying bricks, I am building a beautiful house!"

Mr Tan "...."

So, the moral of story is? How importance is your contribution to your life, work etc.. is in your mindset! You are the one attach the value to it, not others...

Last but not least, enjoy my original quote :

"The clock will continue ticking regardless of what you are doing! Thus, please ensure you are doing something that worth the tick!"


Wednesday 25 May 2011

Happiness Index

I am really happy to learn that soon, happiness is no longer only a personal matter, but it will be for the whole community, or in fact, the whole country's success indicator (try link it to the "Gross Domestic Product"[GDP] indicator of the country)!

Yesterday, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [which consists of 34 members nations] has launched a so-called "happiness index" to better measure the quality of life. This "better life initiative" measures more qualitative factors like general satisfaction, security and work-life balance (a total of 11 indicators).

Do you know which country started it all? The answer is Bhutan, they started the famous Gross National Happiness in 1972 to measure the country's progress and well-being in terms of happiness rather than in dollars and cents. Few people took it seriously until recently other more developed countries like Britain, France, Canada etc... started to introduce the similar initiative which triggered the official launch of this very important indicators.

So, in future, the dollars and cents are not the sole indicator of a country's progress, happiness of the nation do play an important role now! I am totally into it.

On personal level, I do hope that this blog can contribute positively to this indicator in whichever country you are coming frrom. Let's work together to create an HAPPY nations for ALL.

Hmmm.. I am eager to know which country will come out first as the most "HAPPY" nation? Any guess?

As usual, my sharing of the original quote:

"If you can keep going, why stop? If you can dream, why restrict yourself to the current vision? Go ahead, build your own castle in the air!"


Tuesday 24 May 2011

阿弟(Younger Brother)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?What kind of title is it? You may ask...

In fact, this (阿弟- younger brother)  is what I was being addressed today by one of the colleague (friend) in a workshop, openly, and she is around my age. Being a 39+ years YOUNG guy, to be addressed as 阿弟 is kind of weird but I guess I can't complaint much as nowadays I used to be called UNCLE so often that anyone on the road shouting the word uncle, I will turn my head to acknowledge! ;-P

I know it is supposed to be a casual comment but it does turn the participants into rounds of laughter especially after I openly "appreciated" the nickname!! And promised to blog it out loud. So, now you know why and how the title of 阿弟 come about!

Come and think of it, why must meeting/workshop be so serious all the time? Why can't we take thing lightly? Why can't we laugh at ourselves more often to induce the laughter? There are so many whys but the key is: life is short, we should stay positive, happy and enjoying every moment of our life (and who said enjoying life must be on something grand????).

If you really need someone to inspire you to feel happier, go make a date with Captain Jack Sparrow!!

In fact, this is definitely one of the thing that make me smile today (out of the 3 things). So, thank you WM (I know you will be reading it...).

Last but not least, enjoy my original quote here:

"If you know where you are going, you will find your way there! Thus, the difficult part is not how to get there but where are you going?"


Monday 23 May 2011

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 : On Stranger Tides (3D)

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Group on Stranger Tides Movie Poster 22x34" PrintLast weekend, I watched the movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (3D) in the new IMAX theater at Lido, Orchard Singapore. The show is fantastic, the super sharp sound surrounding system and 3D effect is superb! Of course, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) never failed to thrill the audience, again. And there are mermaids and zombies to look out for as well....

However, there is one small flaw regarding the IMAX experience (not on the movie though) is that the IMAX screen is smaller than I expected (as compared to the similar IMAX theater at Bangkok, Thailand that I've visited a few years back).

Overall, the movie is highly recommended! For those who are going to watch it, do stay back until the end of the credits there is a 3-4 seconds of surprise ending shot appearing after that...don't miss it!

If you want to read more details about the movie, click HERE!

On the same topic, I always have a belief that we can learn something out of every movie. So, my learning from this movie is: "Be fun and happy in whatever role you are playing!" (inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow).

Last but not least, my sharing of the original quotes:

"By adjusting the point of view and add additional space (to your mind), you are literally changing Impossible to I’m possible"

"True friend is the first one to appear when you failed/down, not when you are successful/happy!"


Saturday 21 May 2011

Extradordinary Mum and Dad

Mother's Day was just over not long ago and Father's Day is just around the corner. Thus, I thought it's a good idea to share 2 stories of extraordinary mum and dad that I read on the newspaper today.


Extraordinary Mum - Ms Saiyuud Diwong from Thailand
Ms Saiyuud Diwong (or better known by her nickname "Poo") was born in Klong Toey, Bangkok's poorest and roughest neighbourhood. In her early years, she slogged from morning till night cooking food at roadside stall for meagre daily profit of 100 baht ($4 Singapore Dollars) - barely enough to keep her two young boys' clothed and sheltered.

However, that was history. Next month, she will visit Sydney, Melborne and Perth on a book tour and give Thai cooking classes to church groups.

Her change of fortune began in 2007 whereby Poo began cooking classes for tourist at her very home , it has since gaining more and more popularity due to it's authenticity and the taste of real home-cooked food. This venture not only transformed her family's living condition but also her community as a whole as she is now employing 3 to 10 people per day to handle extra catering works.

The moral of story? Never underestimate your capabilities!

Extraordinary Dad - Dr Kenneth Liew from Singapore
Dr Kenneth Liew, winner of 2011's Great Dad award, beating more than 80 others nominated by their children. Four years ago, her wife, Sharon, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and went for an operation to remove the tumour, but she never wake up since (in coma).

Dr Kenneth Liew, a gastroenterologist in private practice, switched to working only in the morning, so he would be home when his two children returned from school. He visits his wife of 19 years in hospital everyday. He talks to her, telling her about his day and about the children and reads to her. Her condition has improved incrementally and she is now able to open her right eye. He also takes the children to visit her on weekends.

He meant the world to his children and from his son, Benjamin's own words "Daddy is always cheerful and is not serious and solemn like my friends' fathers. We are very close to him".

The moral of the story? Commitment and responsibility make you extraordinary!

I am touched/inspired by these 2 great mum and dad, hope your folks do feel the same too.

Now, my sharing of the original quote:

"Just be yourself and do your best in whatever you are best at to be EXTRAORDINARY!"



Originality vs Creativity

Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your RevenueEvery now and then, they are new tech gadgets being introduced to the consumer market, I am sure there bounds to be one or two which catches your eyes or WOW you to the max that you can't wait to own it yourself. Most of the recent craze (since 1 or 2 years ago) that caught most of the people's eyes are:

1. 3D TV or game console
2. Features-rich Smartphone (e.g. iPhone)
3. Tablet (e.g. iPad)

But are all these new gadgets deemed original? I personally viewed that majority of the very successful "new" gadgets are not truly original (in terms of the idea behind it) but yet they are popular because they managed to catch the attention of the consumers. It all voice down to the creativity in their marketing strategy.

This bring me to the book that I am currently reading : Attention : This Book Will Make You Money by Jim F. Kukral (Professional speaker, web consultant and entrepreneur). Even though it is focusing more on how to gain attention in the Internet/Online Marketing arena but some of the highlights/ideas in the book are pretty much useful and applicable to life, in general, especially in our modern eWorld. Thus, if you have some time to kill and like to learn more about how to catch attention on the web, you may consider to give it a try (click on the image above to see more details of the book).

Times fly, it's Friday night again and hope that you folks have a GREAT weekend ahead of you and NOT to forget the forthcoming important Day: Father's Day!

Lastly, as usual, sharing my quote here:

"To be creative, it might not be original but to be Original, you need creativity"


Wednesday 18 May 2011

Inspirational Sharing - Inspire It Forward (#6)

Ever since I started the blog, I've been receiving quite a number of Facebook friends request (mainly from overseas) and I find that it's a very good way to get connected and to Inspire It Forward.

Thus, please feel free to add me in your Facebook or follow me on twitter. I hope we can shrink our world even further by getting connected through social media. What's more important is to share the positive energy outwards by keep yourselves happy and stay POSITIVE. If you ran out of idea on how to inspire it forward to the people around you, feel free to share my blog forward! ;-P

Last week, chanced upon the following clip from the web which I thought is very motivational. Just a short 3 minutes video but will change your view of your future. I hope you folks will enjoy it...

1. Inspirational Video : 3 minutes of motivation:

2. My Inspirational Quote:

"SUCCESS without prior failure(s) is like winning a computer game with cheat sheets, there is NO true satisfaction!"


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Tuesday 17 May 2011

History VS Future

America at War Megaset (History Channel)History is one of my poorest subject in primary and secondary school (I know, that's many many years ago, it's already an history by it's own rights). Reason? You need to memorise lots of stuffs like the actual details of events, the years of occurrence, the name of "who and who" that made the history etc... and since I am not good in memorise things, that's why it's never my favourite subject! ;-P

Having said that, history is still an important subject to know and learn as knowledge, even though it might not have much direct impact to our future generation (as opposed to technology and science).

So, what constitutes as worthy history to you? Think about it!

To me, everyday is a history in the making, as long as the event is grand/important enough for us to share it with our offspring/next generation, repeatedly...That's history! In addition, I also viewed that "history events" that happened closer to you personally (e.g. the history of your parents/grandparent/grand-grandparents, your own city/country etc...) has greater impact to your life than the history in the text books in general. So, let's write our own history for the sake of our next generation! But before that, we need to have a plan to achieve a worthy future that is grand/important enough to make it to the history of our own life.

With this, it concludes my quote on history as :

"To make history, you need a worthy future"


P/S: Father's Day is around the corner! Don't forget this important day...


Blockbuster Movies Not To Be Missed

Tomorrow is Vesak Day (Public Holiday in some countries), which informally known as "Buddha's Birthday". For those who are Buddhist and celebrating it, Happy Vesak Day!

For those who are into movies, there are a few blockbuster movies coming to the theaters near you, mostly are sequels though. As I am a movie buff myself, I am taking this opportunity to recommend 3 must watch "akan datang" (coming soon) blockbusters for your consideration:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides :
I don't think I need to introduce too much of the fourth sequel of this highly successful pirate franchise, or more famously known as Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Expect lots of action, thriller and humour, especially from Captain Jack! A MUST for action movie lovers!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesPirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Official Movie Trailer:

2. Kung fu Panda 2:
A very funny and highly acclaimed animation movie. The Panda or Po or Jack Black (actor) will kick your ass in this sequel, in a fun way! It is also starring (voice by) big name actors/actresses like Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Gary Oldman etc..

Everybody like Kung Fu Fighting...Hoo! Hak!

The Novel (Kung Fu Panda 2)The Art of Kung Fu Panda II

Official Movie Trailer:

3. X-Men First Class:
Prequel to the X-men franchise that brought us Woverine, Mystique,Magneto etc..it bring us to the younger years of the well known heroes/villain with supernatural power. Another action-packed movie.

X-Men First Class Poster - Teaser Flyer 11x17 - 2011 Movie James McAvoy XMEN X Men MDX Men First Class Poster #03 Xmen 24x36in

Official Movie Trailer:


Before I part, here is the sharing of my original quote today:

"To move on, you need to see your future as far as possible AND see off your past as fast as possible!"


Sunday 15 May 2011

Weekend SPECIAL Edition! (#2) - Great Man : MM Lee Kuan Yew and Sir Alex Ferguson

Yesterday marked a new milestone for 2 great man : MM (Minister Mentor) Lee Kuan Yew and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew
Click on Image for more!
 MM Lee Kuan Yew:
MM Lee is deemed as the fore father of Singapore, he has an extraordinary 52 years in Singapore Government, including 31 years as Singapore's first Prime Minister. He is is the most well liked and respected political figure in Singapore (of course, I guess his remark of "repent" in the General Election 2011, which just ended last week, do take a hit on his popularity).

He has since officially announced yesterday that he will be stepping down (retire) from his role as Minister Mentor and give Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong and his team full power to carry Singapore forward. With this, it marks a new milestone for Singapore to carry on the journey without him.

It might not be too shock a news to many bearing in mind of his age (87). However, I believed most of the Singaporean would hope that he can stay on for as long as possible. Only time will tell how big is the impact towards Singapore's political and economical development in the long run.

I am sure many of us would miss his sharp and direct to the point comment/remarks that appear so often on TV or newspapers.

Lastly, just like to say: THANK YOU, MM LEE!

Sir Alex Ferguson
(Warning: Anti-Manchester United or Liverpool fans may consider skip this section..)

'Football - Bloody Hell!': The Story of Alex Ferguson
Click on Image for more!
 For those of you more are following English Premier League (EPL) football would know that Manchester United is one of the most successful club in English football. Also, the Mancherster United's Manager for 19 years, Sir Alex Ferguson, is the world's most successful football manager.

Last night, Sir Alex Ferguson has lead the Manchester United team to clinch their 19th English Premier League title, which ,by the way knock Liverpool out to become British's new KING of football club in British. All hail to Manchester United and their devilish ambition. EPL is deemed as world's toughest soccer league and only a great manager can lead his club to this empirical continual success.

It would be even better (icing on the cake) if Sir Alex Ferguson can lead Manchester United to the Champion League Cup win against Barcelona on 29/05/2011!

I guess by now you folks would know that I am a Manchester United fan. Yes, to be frank, I am a Red Devil fan and thus like to express my excitement/happiness via this post. Also, to salute the world most successful soccer manager : Sir Alex Ferguson for bringing us so much sensational moments in the soccer games! Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole....


Saturday 14 May 2011

I Am Back...

Pay It Forward
Pay It Forward
(Inspirational Movie)
You might have noticed that I've not been updating my blog for the past 2-days (seems like life-time to me), my sincere apology, the reason is because the platform that I am using (Blogspot) was down for the last 2 days (in read only mode)...sad... ;-(

Finally, the server is up again this morning and hence I AM BACK...

Once again, it's Saturday night here in Singapore and I am sure many of you folks are having chill out session with your friends and family now. Enjoy!

For the past few days, I was actively involved in the Internet Marketing related forums (forums is a platform for the liked minded community to share their thoughts/ideas). To my surprise, most of the popular forums that I've visited, there is a sub-forum dedicated to self-help, motivation or inspirational posting(threads). And most of the posts(threads) are there to motivate/inspired each other. I am happy to see this as it just assert my personal view of life that in whatever stage of our lives, constant reminder to each other to face life positively is CRITICAL to ensure that we KEEP GOING and have a fulfilling/meaningful life.

So, I hope my blog can do it's part to "Inspire It Forward" and along the way help to inspire/motivate you (whoever you are) to KEEP GOING...life is too short for not living to the MAX!

Since I've missed 2 days, I am sharing with you folks 2 inspirational quotes of mine:

"You may not be able to promise the world to your loved one but the important thing is: You means the world to him/her"

"To set the GOAL is to “Go On After Lost”. Thus, reaching the GOAL is just a matter of time! "


Wednesday 11 May 2011

Happiness In Hard Times

Happiness in Hard TimesRecently, I am re-reading the book called "Happiness In Hard Times" by Andrew Matthews (click on the image on the right to see more details of this book). I noticed that the purpose/objective of this book (and many others, of course) is pretty much in-line with the sole objective of my blog i.e. trying to create an additional avenue for everyone to feel more positively towards life, this is especially true when we are in hard times.

I especially like the following quotes from the book:

"Acceptance is POWER"

"If through sadness you can fix the future, then do it! But being sad doesn't fix the future!"

As I mentioned in my earlier post, happiness is a choice and not a reflection, let's choose to be happy in whatever situation we are in now. Also, I felt that happiness is a form of contagious "virus" and we (everyone of us) has the power to "Inspire It Forward" and emit the energy of happiness to the people around us. JUST DO IT!

My original quote on happiness for the sharing:

"Two simple acts that will make you and the people around you happy are Smile to others AND Laugh with others"


Monday 9 May 2011

New Era For Singapore

Finally, the most talked about event in Singapore (Singapore Polling) has came to an end. As expected, Singapore PAP still won the majority votes! But for the first time in Singapore history, the Opposition won a 5 members GRC(Aljunied) which billed as the "match decider" for this year's Polling. It means that we are expecting more opposition voices and 'check and balance' in the parliament for the next 5 years. However, does it really means GOOD for the people? I am not sure yet but that's the result and fact that we all need to live with for the next 5 years.

While on the taxi ride this evening, the taxi driver shared with me a comment from an earlier foreigner passenger about the Singapore Polling. Following are the exact words told by the foreigner to the tax driver:

"Why are Singaporean voting for the opposition? The current Government is the best government that I came across throughout the many countries that I've visited over the 20 years period?"
"The opposition party said that they will give more/spend more money for the people. It's easy to spend, what happen if there is no more reserves left? Who to bear the consequences?"

I thought it is always good to hear from a third party view, which I kind of agree with him (or her). In any case, it's time for all Singaporean to put all the differences to rest NOW and work together in the new era of Singapore history!

I am sharing two quotes today, enjoy:

"You can’t reach satisfaction without expectation; you can’t reach happiness without opennes!"

"Doing the imperfect thing NOW is more important than doing the perfect thing at the perfect time as the latter might not come.. Act NOW!"


Saturday 7 May 2011

Weekend SPECIAL Edition! (#1)

Just uncovered 2 special promotion/offers over the internet and can't wait to share it out. Since it's Saturday and thought it's good to blog it out load and share it across as Weekend Special Edition! Eventhought this is nothing to do with inspirational or motivational stuff but it might put a smile on your face if you are the lucky one!

Do check them out!

1. Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tide:
The world's most famous Pirate (Captain Jack Sparrow) is here again! Check out it's official Singapore Facebook site and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Gala Premier on 16 May 2011 (Singapore) and 20 more pairs of tickets up for grab. Also, there are Grande Prize to be won! Click on the picture below to access the official Facebook site. 

2. Snickers' Attack Of The Hungerlings online game:
Try out this amazingly simple and fun online game from Snickers and stand a chance to win Playstation 3, HP Mini and Casio G-Shock watches... Click on the picture below to start the fun! Enjoy...


Future Is In Our Hand!

This week marks 2 major events in both international and local (Singapore) arena. For the former, it's the death of Osama Bin Laden (the world's most wanted man) and the latter is the hype of Singapore Polling (the actual date is tomorrow, 07/05/2011).

One (the former) marked an end to a 10 years chase and the other (the latter) marked the potential of new beginning for the next 5 years!

In both cases, it's not gonna change our world overnight, it might be a step forward to a "better" future but no one should take thing for granted. The future can turn ether ways, depending on how we prepared ourselves in facing the future. I always have a view that no matter how good a person (or organisation/party) is, there is always some flaws as no one is perfect. Having said that, future is still in our hands!

Weekend is around the corner again and wish you folks have a great weekend ahead!

Lastly, my sharing of today's quote:

"The purpose of life is not to live perfectly but to live meaningfully!"



Thursday 5 May 2011

Singapore Polling Day

This coming Saturday (07/05/2011) is Singapore Polling Day! Since last week, the hottest topic/event here is Singapore Rally. Full coverages are made available in all fronts of media communication, be it newspapers, websites or social media (mostly Facebook). This year, the opposition parties (especially the NSP, National Solidarity Party) are getting strongly. The Rally scene did hype up with the introduction of Ms Nicole Seah from NSP, at merely 24 years old, I guess she is at her best at the moment.

Even though I myself have not been to any of the Rally, but every time when I read about the report on the Rally, it does tickle my funny bones especially on the debates about main driver vs co-driver, the tiger in the mountain etc...

This is the second times that I am voting in Singapore and inside my heart, I've already made up my mind on who will get my vote! It has been a trend that Singapore's political scene will always be quiet and non-event until the Polling Day. I guess this trend will be continue for every 5 years!

Luckily tomorrow is the cooling day (i.e. no Rally will be conducted across the island), so it will be a quiet TGIF again.

My sharing of original quote:

"Giving up is the easiest thing to do, but it's also the hardest regret to stomach. So, DON'T give up!"


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Wednesday 4 May 2011

The Best Place To Be

Ok, in order to remind all the returned visitors/friends, let me recap what I've been preaching so far : citing of 3 things that make you smile today! Click here if you are not sure what I am referring to...

The "3 things that make me smile today" are:
1. Have a good dinner with my loved one at 1/2 the price at Bakerzin Restaurant, VivoCity.
2. Shoot a stunning cloud photo via my iPhone (see left).
3. Read a very good article on Internet Marketing.

So, what is your 3 things....?

Every weekday morning, I saw busy-looking commuters zooming in and out the MRT station (train) for work to make ends meet. Young or old, male or female, before alighting, all were sandwiched inside the train, most of them are minding their own business aka playing with their smart phones (mainly iPhone), reading the free sheet (NewPaper or MyPaper) or listening to the MP3 (again, via their iPhone). Minimal conversation and even lesser eyes contact.

I am pretty sure, given a choice, most of them would like to be at some other better place. Spending their time with more valuable stuff rather than riding on train with full load of strangers. This bring me to the topic that I want to share today, what is the best place to be for you?

It is always great to have dreams in life to look out for. However, we are usually guilty of not able to vividly visualise and work towards our own future. Many a time, we tend to find an easy way out by letting the situation control our destiny i.e. giving up our rights to choose. That's also explained why the seminars/books of self-help or personal development by the motivational trainers like Anthony Robbins or Jack Canfield are so popular. Some of their popular books are:

Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!   Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement   The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

It is always good for us to occasionally stop and really think through what/where is the best place to be! Think about it!

Before I part, my sharing of the related original quote:

"The best place to be is the place whereby you can BE YOURSELF!"