Saturday 14 May 2011

I Am Back...

Pay It Forward
Pay It Forward
(Inspirational Movie)
You might have noticed that I've not been updating my blog for the past 2-days (seems like life-time to me), my sincere apology, the reason is because the platform that I am using (Blogspot) was down for the last 2 days (in read only mode)...sad... ;-(

Finally, the server is up again this morning and hence I AM BACK...

Once again, it's Saturday night here in Singapore and I am sure many of you folks are having chill out session with your friends and family now. Enjoy!

For the past few days, I was actively involved in the Internet Marketing related forums (forums is a platform for the liked minded community to share their thoughts/ideas). To my surprise, most of the popular forums that I've visited, there is a sub-forum dedicated to self-help, motivation or inspirational posting(threads). And most of the posts(threads) are there to motivate/inspired each other. I am happy to see this as it just assert my personal view of life that in whatever stage of our lives, constant reminder to each other to face life positively is CRITICAL to ensure that we KEEP GOING and have a fulfilling/meaningful life.

So, I hope my blog can do it's part to "Inspire It Forward" and along the way help to inspire/motivate you (whoever you are) to KEEP is too short for not living to the MAX!

Since I've missed 2 days, I am sharing with you folks 2 inspirational quotes of mine:

"You may not be able to promise the world to your loved one but the important thing is: You means the world to him/her"

"To set the GOAL is to “Go On After Lost”. Thus, reaching the GOAL is just a matter of time! "


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