Tuesday 31 May 2011

SPECIAL : Movie Review - Animals United (3D)

Animals United (3D), a supposedly kid theme animation embedded with serious message about the health of earth i.e the effect of global warming, disasters caused by human being etc...In short, it's a movie about animals vs human being.

The storyline is very simple: a group of animals (a disillusioned lion, a giraffe, an elephant and the main character: a meerkat named Billy) united with another group of animals (a kangaroo, a farting Tasmania, a polar bear, a very old tortoise couple and their leader : a cock) to find their own destiny i.e. water and peaceful land for their survival.

Understand that this is a Germany production and dubbed into English with British ascent. The 3D effects are real good, the quality of animation is acceptable but being an educational kid theme animation, there are much less surprises in the plot (which is expected). Overall, it's a fun-filled and entertaining movie, especially for the kids.

This is a perfect movie that the whole family can enjoy together, especially during the mid-term School Holiday now! Do consider watching it in 3D though.

Finally, if I were to summarize this movie in one sentence, it would be "Save the Earth, Love the Animals!".


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