Friday 27 May 2011

GSS (Great Singapore Sale)

 Ladies and Gentlemen, the yearly Great Singapore Sale is here once again! This nearly 2-months not-to-be-missed national event of Singapore (from 27 May 2011 to 24 Jul 2011) will definitely BIG enough to keep many happy faces on for at least 2 months (especially the ladies ;-P).

If you are from oversea and planning to come to Singapore within the next 2 months, just remember to bring extra cash (or credit cards) here ;-P. Because it's better to be "saving" than sorry! For more details on the offers/promotion, please check it out at GSS Official Site.

So, what does GSS got anything to do with my blog? You may ask...

In fact, I personally view that GSS has direct relationship with the objective of my blog. As you would already know by now, the aim of my blog is to Inspire It Forward and try to emit the positive energy forces to the people/friends around.

As for GSS, you will notice that most of the ladies (of course some man included) would discuss/chat/talk/msn/post non-stop on where to grab the great buy, which credit cards have what promotion/discount etc...with the highest energy level possible. Besides, when the hardcore shoppers are in action, no discount/sales labels managed to escape their eagle eyes. That's the highest level of commitment, productivity and efficiency of an HAPPY soul that we are talking about here!

So, can you see the correlation-ship yet?

Just thinking out loud, do you think event like "Great Singapore Smile/Happiness" will works with similar effect? Just thinking...

Lastly, please enjoy my original quote:

"Mentor is like a signboard on the road, they can guide you whether you are on the right track, but they can't determine for you where you should be going! YOU need to determine your own destination"

Have a good weekend ahead! Cheers!

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