Tuesday 31 May 2011

Singapore - The Unhappiest Workforce!

Wow! I read with disbelief that Singapore's working adult is ranked the unhappiest workforce in a poll conducted by Talent Management company, Lumesse. This survey polled about 4,000 employees from a wide variety of industries across 14 countries. In the report released yesterday, Singapore ranked poorest in the following area:
- Least enjoy going to work, 
- Least loyal 
- Least supportive workplaces

And "pay" does not even come into picture yet (in fact, Singapore ranked quite OK in terms of "pay"). So, what does it tell us generally? I deduced that happiness cannot be improved solely by monetization (a term commonly used in Internet Marketing world). In short, money does not equal happiness! full-stop.

So, what are we (or Singaporean) looking for to lead an happier working life? Since money has no part to play here, what is it then will make us feel happier? As usual, I always like to look at thing in a more positive way, I further deduced that most Singapore working adults are just not contented with what they have now, and always looks for ways to improve the quality of their working environment. This has directly caused the working adult here to have higher expectation of their employers. Thus, the low ranking!

Make sense?

In any case, happiness is just one of the emotion, no one can be happy forever (that can only happen in fairy tale of 70's!). Thus, what we all should be looking for is to be at ease with ourselves and enjoy the company of friends, family and colleagues around us.

My sharing of original quote today:

"Data will turn into information only when digested and applied; Information will turn into knowledge only when accumulated and shared! So, you are deemed knowledgeable only when you are capable of sharing it!"


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