Wednesday 25 May 2011

Happiness Index

I am really happy to learn that soon, happiness is no longer only a personal matter, but it will be for the whole community, or in fact, the whole country's success indicator (try link it to the "Gross Domestic Product"[GDP] indicator of the country)!

Yesterday, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [which consists of 34 members nations] has launched a so-called "happiness index" to better measure the quality of life. This "better life initiative" measures more qualitative factors like general satisfaction, security and work-life balance (a total of 11 indicators).

Do you know which country started it all? The answer is Bhutan, they started the famous Gross National Happiness in 1972 to measure the country's progress and well-being in terms of happiness rather than in dollars and cents. Few people took it seriously until recently other more developed countries like Britain, France, Canada etc... started to introduce the similar initiative which triggered the official launch of this very important indicators.

So, in future, the dollars and cents are not the sole indicator of a country's progress, happiness of the nation do play an important role now! I am totally into it.

On personal level, I do hope that this blog can contribute positively to this indicator in whichever country you are coming frrom. Let's work together to create an HAPPY nations for ALL.

Hmmm.. I am eager to know which country will come out first as the most "HAPPY" nation? Any guess?

As usual, my sharing of the original quote:

"If you can keep going, why stop? If you can dream, why restrict yourself to the current vision? Go ahead, build your own castle in the air!"


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