Monday 2 May 2011

Happiness... with the help of Harry Porter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1Today, we will start with a fantasy dream...

Let me ask you something, if you have the power of a magical wand that can make anything (anything at all) that you want comes true (just pretend you are Harry Porter for once!), what is the one or maybe two things that you want which you believed will make you HAPPY for the rest of your life?

Think about it, do some soul searching, if need be...

Is your answer falls under any of the following?
  • Money (loads of money)
  • Big house
  • Fast car
  • Good and loving family relationship (spouse, parent, children, sibling etc...)
  • A loving companion
  • Longevity
  • A very successful business /career etc...
If your answer is none of the above, congratulation as you have higher chance of finding the true happiness. Else, please read on...

In fact, none of the above can guarantee you any long term happiness (maybe only short to medium term, if at all). You know the reason why? Any reflective happiness (i.e. the "happiness" that reflected by us because of external factor) is not true happiness, they are just reflection of the perception, as if we are happy. The source of true happiness is NOT coming from any external or physical source, they comes from within!

Thus, if you are looking for true happiness, need not looks further than inside you (your mind and heart). You (and only you) can decide for yourself whether to be happy or not. You can be happy (or feel positive) at any situation (same for the reverse). The choice is yours!

My sharing of the quote today:

"The source of happiness can be as expensive as a million dollars house OR as free as a beautiful song played on the radio. The choice is yours!" 


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