Tuesday 24 May 2011

阿弟(Younger Brother)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?What kind of title is it? You may ask...

In fact, this (阿弟- younger brother)  is what I was being addressed today by one of the colleague (friend) in a workshop, openly, and she is around my age. Being a 39+ years YOUNG guy, to be addressed as 阿弟 is kind of weird but I guess I can't complaint much as nowadays I used to be called UNCLE so often that anyone on the road shouting the word uncle, I will turn my head to acknowledge! ;-P

I know it is supposed to be a casual comment but it does turn the participants into rounds of laughter especially after I openly "appreciated" the nickname!! And promised to blog it out loud. So, now you know why and how the title of 阿弟 come about!

Come and think of it, why must meeting/workshop be so serious all the time? Why can't we take thing lightly? Why can't we laugh at ourselves more often to induce the laughter? There are so many whys but the key is: life is short, we should stay positive, happy and enjoying every moment of our life (and who said enjoying life must be on something grand????).

If you really need someone to inspire you to feel happier, go make a date with Captain Jack Sparrow!!

In fact, this is definitely one of the thing that make me smile today (out of the 3 things). So, thank you WM (I know you will be reading it...).

Last but not least, enjoy my original quote here:

"If you know where you are going, you will find your way there! Thus, the difficult part is not how to get there but where are you going?"


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