Thursday 26 May 2011

Laying Bricks Or Building House?

Yesterday, in one of the company's section function, our GM shared a motivational story, which I've personally read it before (and I believed some of you might have read it/heard of it as well). however, since the objective of my blog is to inspire/motivate you, I've decided to share it again here.

The story goes something like this...

One day, when Mr Tan walking pass the construction site at his neighbourhood estate, he saw 2 workers laying bricks on the construction site. What attracted his attention is he noticed that their body language and expression seems to be very contrasting.

Out of curiosity, he approach the first worker who looks gloomy and lethargy, he asked "why you looks so down, is it because of the heat under the sun?", the worker replied "I am just laying bricks, can't you see that? what so great about it?"

Mr Tan just smile and approach the second worker who are whistling , focus and energetic, Mr Tan asked "Why you looks so happy? ain't you just laying brick like your colleague over there?"

The second worker answered "No, I am not just laying bricks, I am building a beautiful house!"

Mr Tan "...."

So, the moral of story is? How importance is your contribution to your life, work etc.. is in your mindset! You are the one attach the value to it, not others...

Last but not least, enjoy my original quote :

"The clock will continue ticking regardless of what you are doing! Thus, please ensure you are doing something that worth the tick!"


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