Saturday 21 May 2011

Extradordinary Mum and Dad

Mother's Day was just over not long ago and Father's Day is just around the corner. Thus, I thought it's a good idea to share 2 stories of extraordinary mum and dad that I read on the newspaper today.


Extraordinary Mum - Ms Saiyuud Diwong from Thailand
Ms Saiyuud Diwong (or better known by her nickname "Poo") was born in Klong Toey, Bangkok's poorest and roughest neighbourhood. In her early years, she slogged from morning till night cooking food at roadside stall for meagre daily profit of 100 baht ($4 Singapore Dollars) - barely enough to keep her two young boys' clothed and sheltered.

However, that was history. Next month, she will visit Sydney, Melborne and Perth on a book tour and give Thai cooking classes to church groups.

Her change of fortune began in 2007 whereby Poo began cooking classes for tourist at her very home , it has since gaining more and more popularity due to it's authenticity and the taste of real home-cooked food. This venture not only transformed her family's living condition but also her community as a whole as she is now employing 3 to 10 people per day to handle extra catering works.

The moral of story? Never underestimate your capabilities!

Extraordinary Dad - Dr Kenneth Liew from Singapore
Dr Kenneth Liew, winner of 2011's Great Dad award, beating more than 80 others nominated by their children. Four years ago, her wife, Sharon, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and went for an operation to remove the tumour, but she never wake up since (in coma).

Dr Kenneth Liew, a gastroenterologist in private practice, switched to working only in the morning, so he would be home when his two children returned from school. He visits his wife of 19 years in hospital everyday. He talks to her, telling her about his day and about the children and reads to her. Her condition has improved incrementally and she is now able to open her right eye. He also takes the children to visit her on weekends.

He meant the world to his children and from his son, Benjamin's own words "Daddy is always cheerful and is not serious and solemn like my friends' fathers. We are very close to him".

The moral of the story? Commitment and responsibility make you extraordinary!

I am touched/inspired by these 2 great mum and dad, hope your folks do feel the same too.

Now, my sharing of the original quote:

"Just be yourself and do your best in whatever you are best at to be EXTRAORDINARY!"



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