Sunday 29 May 2011

07734 - Guess What Is This?

Nope! It's a 4-D or lotto numbers that I am referring to here!
"07734" is actually a word. Can you guess what could that be? If you are old enough and went through the era of text messaging through a device called "Pager" (I am sure most of the Generation Y would not know what that is), you would probably know what I am referring to here. Think along the line of symbol like ;-P OR :-) but in more primitive and simplified form!

Care to share your answer in the comment? If nobody get it right, I will disclose the answer on 04/06/2011!

Come and think of it, all these cryptic messages came from creativity and thinking out of the box. I believed everyone of us have the flair of creativity, just that we might not use it often enough for it to be fully developed to enable us to think out of the box most of the time.

Also, I believed that environmental/location influence is another important factor to trigger our creative mindset. In short, we need to find out where is the specific location/position/environment (I termed it briefly as "Point Of Creativity") that we can think most creatively.

Take me for example, for all those original quotes that I shared in this blog, most of them strike me during the time when I was in the wash room (maybe it's the cold shower that sprinkling and streaming down my head that trigger all my creative brain juice! haha). So, my "Point Of Creativity" is my wash room. What's yours?

Again, last but not least, my sharing of original quote (all the way from my washroom):

"To fly high, you need to embrace height; To succeed, you need to plant the seed!"


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