Sunday 15 May 2011

Weekend SPECIAL Edition! (#2) - Great Man : MM Lee Kuan Yew and Sir Alex Ferguson

Yesterday marked a new milestone for 2 great man : MM (Minister Mentor) Lee Kuan Yew and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew
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 MM Lee Kuan Yew:
MM Lee is deemed as the fore father of Singapore, he has an extraordinary 52 years in Singapore Government, including 31 years as Singapore's first Prime Minister. He is is the most well liked and respected political figure in Singapore (of course, I guess his remark of "repent" in the General Election 2011, which just ended last week, do take a hit on his popularity).

He has since officially announced yesterday that he will be stepping down (retire) from his role as Minister Mentor and give Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong and his team full power to carry Singapore forward. With this, it marks a new milestone for Singapore to carry on the journey without him.

It might not be too shock a news to many bearing in mind of his age (87). However, I believed most of the Singaporean would hope that he can stay on for as long as possible. Only time will tell how big is the impact towards Singapore's political and economical development in the long run.

I am sure many of us would miss his sharp and direct to the point comment/remarks that appear so often on TV or newspapers.

Lastly, just like to say: THANK YOU, MM LEE!

Sir Alex Ferguson
(Warning: Anti-Manchester United or Liverpool fans may consider skip this section..)

'Football - Bloody Hell!': The Story of Alex Ferguson
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 For those of you more are following English Premier League (EPL) football would know that Manchester United is one of the most successful club in English football. Also, the Mancherster United's Manager for 19 years, Sir Alex Ferguson, is the world's most successful football manager.

Last night, Sir Alex Ferguson has lead the Manchester United team to clinch their 19th English Premier League title, which ,by the way knock Liverpool out to become British's new KING of football club in British. All hail to Manchester United and their devilish ambition. EPL is deemed as world's toughest soccer league and only a great manager can lead his club to this empirical continual success.

It would be even better (icing on the cake) if Sir Alex Ferguson can lead Manchester United to the Champion League Cup win against Barcelona on 29/05/2011!

I guess by now you folks would know that I am a Manchester United fan. Yes, to be frank, I am a Red Devil fan and thus like to express my excitement/happiness via this post. Also, to salute the world most successful soccer manager : Sir Alex Ferguson for bringing us so much sensational moments in the soccer games! Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole....


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