Tuesday 17 May 2011

History VS Future

America at War Megaset (History Channel)History is one of my poorest subject in primary and secondary school (I know, that's many many years ago, it's already an history by it's own rights). Reason? You need to memorise lots of stuffs like the actual details of events, the years of occurrence, the name of "who and who" that made the history etc... and since I am not good in memorise things, that's why it's never my favourite subject! ;-P

Having said that, history is still an important subject to know and learn as knowledge, even though it might not have much direct impact to our future generation (as opposed to technology and science).

So, what constitutes as worthy history to you? Think about it!

To me, everyday is a history in the making, as long as the event is grand/important enough for us to share it with our offspring/next generation, repeatedly...That's history! In addition, I also viewed that "history events" that happened closer to you personally (e.g. the history of your parents/grandparent/grand-grandparents, your own city/country etc...) has greater impact to your life than the history in the text books in general. So, let's write our own history for the sake of our next generation! But before that, we need to have a plan to achieve a worthy future that is grand/important enough to make it to the history of our own life.

With this, it concludes my quote on history as :

"To make history, you need a worthy future"


P/S: Father's Day is around the corner! Don't forget this important day...


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