Wednesday 11 May 2011

Happiness In Hard Times

Happiness in Hard TimesRecently, I am re-reading the book called "Happiness In Hard Times" by Andrew Matthews (click on the image on the right to see more details of this book). I noticed that the purpose/objective of this book (and many others, of course) is pretty much in-line with the sole objective of my blog i.e. trying to create an additional avenue for everyone to feel more positively towards life, this is especially true when we are in hard times.

I especially like the following quotes from the book:

"Acceptance is POWER"

"If through sadness you can fix the future, then do it! But being sad doesn't fix the future!"

As I mentioned in my earlier post, happiness is a choice and not a reflection, let's choose to be happy in whatever situation we are in now. Also, I felt that happiness is a form of contagious "virus" and we (everyone of us) has the power to "Inspire It Forward" and emit the energy of happiness to the people around us. JUST DO IT!

My original quote on happiness for the sharing:

"Two simple acts that will make you and the people around you happy are Smile to others AND Laugh with others"


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