Thursday 5 May 2011

Singapore Polling Day

This coming Saturday (07/05/2011) is Singapore Polling Day! Since last week, the hottest topic/event here is Singapore Rally. Full coverages are made available in all fronts of media communication, be it newspapers, websites or social media (mostly Facebook). This year, the opposition parties (especially the NSP, National Solidarity Party) are getting strongly. The Rally scene did hype up with the introduction of Ms Nicole Seah from NSP, at merely 24 years old, I guess she is at her best at the moment.

Even though I myself have not been to any of the Rally, but every time when I read about the report on the Rally, it does tickle my funny bones especially on the debates about main driver vs co-driver, the tiger in the mountain etc...

This is the second times that I am voting in Singapore and inside my heart, I've already made up my mind on who will get my vote! It has been a trend that Singapore's political scene will always be quiet and non-event until the Polling Day. I guess this trend will be continue for every 5 years!

Luckily tomorrow is the cooling day (i.e. no Rally will be conducted across the island), so it will be a quiet TGIF again.

My sharing of original quote:

"Giving up is the easiest thing to do, but it's also the hardest regret to stomach. So, DON'T give up!"


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