Monday 9 May 2011

New Era For Singapore

Finally, the most talked about event in Singapore (Singapore Polling) has came to an end. As expected, Singapore PAP still won the majority votes! But for the first time in Singapore history, the Opposition won a 5 members GRC(Aljunied) which billed as the "match decider" for this year's Polling. It means that we are expecting more opposition voices and 'check and balance' in the parliament for the next 5 years. However, does it really means GOOD for the people? I am not sure yet but that's the result and fact that we all need to live with for the next 5 years.

While on the taxi ride this evening, the taxi driver shared with me a comment from an earlier foreigner passenger about the Singapore Polling. Following are the exact words told by the foreigner to the tax driver:

"Why are Singaporean voting for the opposition? The current Government is the best government that I came across throughout the many countries that I've visited over the 20 years period?"
"The opposition party said that they will give more/spend more money for the people. It's easy to spend, what happen if there is no more reserves left? Who to bear the consequences?"

I thought it is always good to hear from a third party view, which I kind of agree with him (or her). In any case, it's time for all Singaporean to put all the differences to rest NOW and work together in the new era of Singapore history!

I am sharing two quotes today, enjoy:

"You can’t reach satisfaction without expectation; you can’t reach happiness without opennes!"

"Doing the imperfect thing NOW is more important than doing the perfect thing at the perfect time as the latter might not come.. Act NOW!"


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