Wednesday 1 June 2011

Social Networking Mania - LinkedIn

When talk about social networking sites, I am pretty sure the first that came to your mind is Facebook, follow-by say Twitter, Youtube etc... In fact, there is another heavyweight that making it's round recently in US as well as in Singapore.

The name is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn touted as the social networking destination for job seekers and recruiters (mainly for white-collar job seekers), it has over 100 million accounts worldwide spanning across 200 countries. Of course, it's memberships is consider rather low as compared to the mighty Facebook's 500 millions plus users.

LinkedIn has just went public last month and made headline when its share price more than doubled following its Wall Street debut. It's current valuation is more than US$9 billion (S$11.1 billion).

In Singapore, LinkedIn has just opened its regional headquarters yesterday. It is part of their plans to use Singapore as a base to expand its Asia-Pacific presence. Mr Arvind Rajan, managing director for Asia Pacific and Japan, commented "The company has ambitions of becoming a "worldwide network for professionals!""

Folks, social networking is here to stay, the world is getting smaller and all of us are getting connected more than we thought we possibly can. Besides, with the gaining popularity of smartphones and tablets, social networking can only get closer and faster to you. You can run, but you can't hide!

So, embrace the change, get connected! For those who like to connect with me on LinkedIn, my email is

My sharing of original quote:

"The only way you can find solace is through connection with your own heart or the hearts of others. Hardly, there is other way!"


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