Sunday 26 June 2011

Are You Living Your Life Or Passing Your Time?

Just came back from one of the most uneventful (aka boring) company event ever attended. Sorry to the guys who organized this event but I really felt so! Just felt like wasted 4 hours of my life away....

This in fact triggered me to think about the bigger issue in life! Just thinking out loud, do you think you are living your life now or just passing the time of your life? I know it is a though question to answer...

For me, I like to interpret living as enjoying the moment when we are:
1. Learning or absorbing something new (it could be a new skill, new experience etc... in fact, anything under the sun).
2. Teaching/Departing something to somebody else (it could be knowledge, skill etc...)
3. Developing our mental and spiritual strength (I don't mean religious alone, it could be through exercises like yoga).
4. Sharing/Bonding (with your family, friends or colleague).

(Of course, it doesn't means that you are not living your life when you are occasionally playing some time-wasting apps like Angry Bird, Fruits Ninja etc...As long as you are not playing it day-and-nights, you are pretty ok!)

We are NOT living our life if we are worrying about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. To live our life, we need to live in the very moment aka NOW! Thus, the key to living our life is to ENJOY every moment of NOW! Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, single or married, young or old, NOW is what you've got!

My sharing of the related original Quote:

"You need to live your life NOW in order to make the days, months and years ahead of you count!"

Enjoy your weekend!


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