Saturday 18 June 2011

Things That Will Set You Thinking!

Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, gentleman or lady, I am pretty sure you will face with some challenges or obstacles through out your life. In fact, that's the very moment that will set you thinking hard, to learn and to grow.

Everyone of us are unique individual (even though you might be a twins or even triplets, you are still an unique individual). We came from different background, grown up differently, gone through different education systems. Thus, each of us would have different focus in life.

Just thinking out loud on the "Thinking" issue. Thought it would be interesting to know which aspect of life that will set you thinking deeply? What I meant is things that will really make you think through seriously and come out with plan(s) to further improve or enhance these values. Directly or indirectly, these things/values reflect the focus of your life.

To make thing simple, I've identified a list of possible things/values below and I hope you folks can share your thought by identifying items that will really set you thinking. I am sure most of you would identify more than one item, please provide your list in priority order.

The common list of things/values that will set you thinking:
1. Wealth/Money
2. Spiritual (Religion)
3. Knowledge/Education
4. Career/Professionalism
5. Relationship (husband and wife/family/friends/courtship/siblings)
6. Health/Mental strength
7. Others...[indicate your own values here]

All comments are welcome!

As usual, my original inspirational quote for the sharing:

"When you hold on to a thought for too long, it will weight you down sooner or later. LET IT GO as soon as possible is the way to go!"


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