Sunday 12 June 2011

Panda Rules! Especially The One Who Know Kungfu

Panda, a conservation reliant endangered species in China, has been a national emblem of China for many decades. It has "officially" invaded the west (in fact the world) in 2008 through the highly successful animation show Kungfu Panda.

His name is Po (voiced by Jack Black), he is funny, cute and very like-able. With it's successful recipe of right mix of east and west elements, eye-popping animation special effect, as well as nicely crafted storyline, it is an instant hit and a blockbuster movie of the year. Thus, it is a matter of time that a sequel is in the making. 

Finally, the sequel is here! The title is simply Kungfu Panda 2. I've just watched it this morning in 3D (IMAX). The storyline is slightly more complex, the plot is darker, but it's still full of action, mind-blowing special effect and many "fell off the chair" one-liner jokes. What caught me by surprise is the inspirational elements that incorporated in this sequel. I know most of the animation or cartoon movie will incorporate some do-good elements, but Kungfu Panda 2 just hit all the right notes. To quote a few inspirational lines from the movie (might not be the exact words):

"Find inner peace and all things can be resolved"

"Where are you from (history) is not important, who are you NOW and what you want to be in the FUTURE is the key!"

This is an entertaining movie not only for kids, everyone can enjoy and learn something out of this movie. Highly recommended for all ages!


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