Saturday 4 June 2011

Seeking Comment For Improvement!

It has been almost 2  1/2 months since I posted the very first post here! After 70+ posts, I am still passionately trying to maintain my posts as frequent as possible. I am sure there are lots of improvement I can do to make this blog more interesting. Thus, I would really appreciate it if you folks can post some comments on how I can do it better. Good or bad, minor or major, all are welcome! I will be waiting for your comment.

On this aspect (in terms of improvement), I am trying to make my blog as interactive as possible and will be incorporating more values/information to my blog in the near future. Just out of my head, I am looking into adding the following pages soon:

1. Highlight of Special offers available (e.g. the Groupon type of offers or discounts. I already thought of the Page Name: GmS [Great "little" Moments Specials!] Cool?)

2. Knowledge sharing (knowledge is KING in the modern world. In fact, there are so much happening in the internet world, especially on the eBusiness and Internet Marketing arena. which I thought it would be beneficial for all to obtain some fundamental knowledge. More details will be uncover soon. Stay tune!).

3. Encourage more friends/visitors to subscribe to my mailing-list as I am planning to generate regular Inspirational Newsletter right into your mailbox (By the way, for those who have subscribed to my mailing list, you should be receiving a confirmation email, you need to click on the link to complete the registration [if you've not seen the confirmation email in your inbox, please check you spam-mail folder!]).

4. Inviting some guest bloggers to write on my blog (I am serious! It is fun to just write-out-loud! For those who are interested, do email me at

Any comment/input of the above-mentioned forthcoming development? Or if you have other information that you like to see more on my blog? Do drop me a comment or two. Thank you in advance!

Lastly, I am sharing herewith my original quote:

"A great man will help the people around him to find their greatness too!"


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