Tuesday 14 June 2011

Art In Life!

Look at the photo on the left. Can you tell what is it? I am sure you can. It is a sculpture of a lady reclining on a chair. The key is: do you know what it's made off with?

The answer is.... Cabbages!

It's an art piece by Artist Ju Duoqi from China. The 38-year-old said she started using cabbages in her work 5 years ago. She often spends hours in the market picking out different sizes and shapes of cabbages for her work. Ju's series of cabbage beauties has been shown in Beijing, London, Paris , Los Angeles and Miami.

I am sharing this here as I thought it's quite refreshing and inspirational. Also, it just shows that there is no limit to what you can do to whatever you have in your hand. You can use anything coming along to showcase your creativity. Do something new, something never been done before, that's creativity!

Now, my sharing of the inspirational quote:

"Foes will knock over your back because that's your blind spot BUT friends will watch over your back because that's your blind spot!"


P/S: Gentle reminder: Father's Day is on this Sunday!

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