Tuesday 7 June 2011

iCloud vs rCloud

The Cloud is finally here! 

The first cloud that I am talking about is iCloud by Apple. It was officially released yesterday (6th June 2011) by CEO of Apple, Mr Steve Jobs at the WWDC (Apple's World Wide Developers Conference). So, what can iCloud really do? Actually, it's a Cloud Computing service that allows user to store data such as music files, apps and automatically sync between multiple devices such as : iPhones, iPods, iPads and of course the PC.

Actually, it's nothing revolutionary as Cloud Computing* has been around for quite sometime (in fact way back to 1960s). Besides, with the evolution of FREE social media sites and ever increasing power of the FREE web services like Google.com (which you can do practically anything online), iCloud is just a small improvement and not a quantum leap.

Having said that, since it's FREE and there are tons and tons of Apple fanboys around the world, I guess consumer can't complaint much since it does provide convenience to your life. By the way, everyone who sign-up for iCloud entitled to 5GB of free storage, in the cloud!  

*Cloud Computing refers to having secure access to all your applications and data from any network device. For better understanding, please see the visual diagram below:

Info source from Wikipedia!

The next cloud that I am talking about is rCloud (forget about searching it on Google as it will be a waste of your time). This is actually the term that I coined myself for REAL cloud (hehe). I like to watch the sky and cloud formation. whenever have chance, I will take out my iPhone and snap the beautiful and unique combination of sky-cum-cloud. In fact, it's my every morning ritual to look out for potential "beauty" from the top...

Since we are into the cloud thing now, like to share one of my top favorite rCloud that even blow myself away when I first saw it (I took it with my 3.5G iPhone and guarantee original without photoshop effect):

So, which cloud is better? iCloud or rCloud?

Last but not least, my sharing of original quote:

"If you still don't have the answer, it means that you have not tried hard enough. Keep going! "


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