Friday 17 June 2011

Lesson Of Life Through Ms Nitcharee

Ms Nitcharee, a 14 years old kid from Thailand came to Singapore 4 months ago to study. Her life took a tragical change 2 months ago when she fell into the Ang Mo Kio MRT train track and was seriously injured. She lost both her legs because of the mishap...

What surprises me most is when she saw her father one week later, she put aside all self-pity and face the world with a cheerful attitude. She even consoled her father by telling him not to worry! I was deeply touched by her courage and positive disposition.. 

After a couple of months of rehabilitation in Singapore, she has finally returned to her home town and continue to face her future with positive mindset. She has inspired many Singapore (including myself) and attracted a sizable donation in helping her to settle her medical expenses.

As the saying is unpredictable and short. Thus, we should continuously maintain a positive mindset  in whatever situation we are in. Put aside your self-pity and excuses, we all should consciously choose to be happy! That's the lesson we learned from Ms Nitcharee.

My original quote:

"The only way to get to know yourself better is through the eyes of others. So, treat every feedback (positive or negative) as a favour to you"


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