Wednesday 8 June 2011

The BIG Money Issue!

Money! Master of all evil, but we all can't live without it. Some save it in their bank (to get it depreciated), some splurge on every luxury stuff come along and some invest/reinvest it in the share market/businesses...

Effectively, money is nothing but numbers, color papers or metals. It is the value that we attach to it that make it so important. When you are in need of money, it's value goes up; when your money is in abundance, it's value drops! So, it is not surprising that some people fight for their live for merely few dollars and some people splurge on thousands of dollars just for a bag that they are not going to use for more than once!

No doubt, money is important, but nobody will claim to have enough money (even-though their money is enough to cater for their whole life, or even for their offspring's whole life). The key is not to be a slave to the money but a master of it!    
Since we are on this topic, just like to share an interesting news from Taiwan, a Taiwanese man try to repay his loan to a bank by depositing 316,000,000 coins (just to sabotage the bank). He even need to use a lorry and crane to transport the coins to the bank. Just pity the cashiers on duty that day... So, the moral of story is: you can do lots' of funny thing with money, if you have lots of it! ;-P

Oh, there is also this interesting local news in Singapore whereby all the Ministers' pay are under review by a committee now. So, for a small country like Singapore, money is still a BIG issue, even Ministers can't handle it themselves!

Ok, enough of money for now, let's talk about the inspirational stuff. Here is my sharing of original quote:

“If you are not prepared to face the failure, you are not ready for success!”


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