Wednesday 29 June 2011

Do You Believe In Luck?

Do you believe in luck? On the positive side, what do you think is your chance (luck) to strike lottery? On the negative side, what do you think is your chance (luck) to be strike by the lightning? Does luck play a part in either case?

Personally I viewed that luck do play an important part in striking lottery, but I am not so sure about the lightning though...

According to a recent America research, Man is more likely to be strike by lightning than Women. Based on the statistic from 1995 to 2008, there was a total of 648 people strike by lightning and out of this, 82% are man. So does it means that the man is "luckier" than women?

The answer is NO. As per the researcher, the reason why man is more likely to be strike by lightning is because man usually are more risk taker eg they would not mind continuing their golf or soccer session even though it's raining. As for the ladies, they are more conservative in nature and would take proper shelter during the rainy day.

So, strike by lightning seems to be not related to luck but characteristic of the gender! I kind of agree with the findings. What is your view?

Quote for the sharing:

“Passion or interest is like chewing gum, the longer you chew, the less tasty it will become (the less passionate you become), but you need to chew long enough in order to be able to blow the bubble (get the result)”


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