Friday 1 July 2011

All Thing Bright And Beautiful! - Owl City

Time really fly, half-year has gone-by just like that and today is the beginning of second half of the year! For those who have achieved your Resolution 2011, congratulations! As for those who are still working hard on your Resolution 2011, Ganbathe! Do keep up with the motto of NEVER GIVE UP!

Have you heard of the singer called Adam Young or better known as "Owl City"? I am sure many of you would know him when I mentioned the song "Fireflies". With his suave and beautiful voice, his first album, "Ocean Eyes" (especially the song "Fireflies") has captured millions of fans from all over the world in 2009.

In June 2011, he has released his latest album called "All Thing Bright And Beautiful". Once again, he didn't disappoint the long awaited fans. His songs are full of positivity and hugely inspirational.  Thus, if you are looking for inspirational songs or a fan of Owl City, do check out his latest album!

For more details, see below:

1. His Latest Album (All Things Bright And Beautiful):
Recommended tracks: The Real World, Angels and Alligator Sky.

2. My review of his album in AssociatedContent (Yahoo!): Forever Young!

3. His Earlier Album (Ocean Eyes):
Recommended tracks: Fireflies, Salt Water Room and Hello Seattle 

Lastly, sharing of my original quote:

“Do not depend on your eyes to see the possibilities, use your imagination!”


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