Saturday 16 July 2011

Coffee and Internet, any good for your health?

While I am blogging my way through this virtual world, I am sure most of you are chilling out or having great and fun time with your friends and family. It is just another staying home Saturday night for me and I am enjoying it.

Today, I am going to share 2 research reports (from newspaper) which I thought the findings contradicts to the conventional thinking.

Firstly, it is the coffee. As a coffee addict myself, I find that this research findings is quite astonishing, many a time I've been advised by others to cut down the intake of coffee as it's bad for health. I guess it's time to change our perception towards coffee now. From the recent publication of American journal Cancer Causes and Control, it was found that the more coffee you drink, the more you lower your risk of liver cancer. If you take 3 or more cups of coffee a day, you could lower your risk for up to 44 percent (as compared to a total abstainer).

One caveat though: it is applicable only to Singaporean Chinese! This study is from more than 63,00 ethnic Chinese aged 45 to 74 living in Singapore. This is an important findings as Liver Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in Singapore. Similar study is on it's way to find out the "relationship" between coffee and Colon cancer (which is the most common cancer in Singapore). Hope another piece of good news is on the way.

Secondly, it is the internet. I am sure internet has formed part and partial of our everyday life, we are constantly living in a inter-connected world, especially through the social networking sites. However, do you know that too much of internet use affects how we remember things? Researchers said that with the widespread use of search engine like Google and Yahoo! and online databases, it has affect the way people remember information.

In short, people are less likely to remember information that they think can be easily retrieved from the computer and/or internet. Of course, this is only the preliminary findings, further study is on it's way to provide more concrete support.

In any case, moderation is still the key, there is no issue for us to drink coffee or surf the internet moderately without becoming a serious addict.

Original quote for the sharing :

"Even though the future is in our hand, we need to keep our feet on the ground!" 



  1. Intriguing findings, though I suppose you would have to consider the tradeoff between the cancer prevention effects of coffee vs the likelihood of inducing panic attacks.

    Panic attacks (often caused by excessive caffeine use) are quite frightening.

  2. Hi Charleen,

    Thanks for dropping by. I do agree that moderation is still key in whatever our intake is.