Friday 29 July 2011

Insurance for happiness?

Being in the insurance industry for the past 18 years or so, I've learned a lot about the industry. What amazed me most is the creativity of those who designed the new insurance products. Effectively, whatever items or belongings that you can think of, you are able to get the insurance for it (as long as there is demand).

Thus, besides the usual life, health, auto and home insurance, there are some very unique insurance coverage like pet insurance, wedding insurance, kidnap and ransom insurance etc. Along the same line, just thinking out loud, why didn't they think of selling an insurance to cover your happiness? Just saying...

As most of you are aware, insurance is a contractual agreement to restore the insured item to it's original state (or it's equivalent in monetary term) when the identified insured event (e.g. death, hospitalization, fire etc...) happened. Thus, as long as you can quantify it, you can insure it!

My personal view is that happiness can never be measured/quantified, thus, it is not possible to restore back your happiness with any equavalent of monetary term, as insurance coverage.

Besides, happiness is more like a state of mind, once you missed the moments (to be happy), you can never regain the moment back. Of course, you can always find a new source of happiness subsequently but that would be a separate event altogether. Thus, I don't foresee insurance for happiness would be in the market any time soon...What do you think?

My original quote for the sharing:

"In the end, the ones who touch you most are using their heart and not their wallet!"


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