Monday 4 July 2011

The Next Big Thing : Google+

Today I am going to talk about something HUGE coming your way...

If you are into Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can't possibly missed this forthcoming giant player called Google+ (read: Google Plus). As the name suggest, it's a social networking arm of the internet giant Google. Google has just released it's beta version last week to selected invited groups to trial test the site. Something great is brewing...

As most of the visitors of my blog are directed from facebook, thus, thought it would be good idea to share a sneak preview of what is Google+ and what to expect from it. The UI (User Interface) of Google+ is kind of resembling facebook's (i.e. in 3 panels column display). Following are the key features of Google+:

Allows you to create different groups from friends (here refers to as Circles) e.g. colleagues, classmates, best friends etc... so that you can share different things with different people (circles). Just like real life, you would not share the same thing to ALL your friends.

Allows you to collect/save anything from the web of your interest so that you can read, watch or share it when you are free. It will be a collection of articles, videos, photos and other content grouped by interest.

You can have face-to-face chat while on the move or while hanging out with others. This is sort of like group video conferencing.

Mobile Features: Instant Upload and Huddle:
For mobile users, you can snap, upload and share your photos on the go.  Huddle is a group chat feature which allow multiple friends chatting at the same time in the same platform.

Plus 1 (+1):
Use the +1 button to indicates what you like, agree with, or recommend on the web. In future, I am sure you will see more and more websites with the +1 button for you to "like". When you click on the +1 button, the color will be changed from white to dark blue. It's another form of social bookmarking tool

For more details, please visit Google+ Project website. Meanwhile, stay tune for the next big thing coming our way...

Last but not least, my sharing of inspirational quote:

"If you think you are perfect, you can't find others who can match you; If you think others is perfect, you can't match them. So, don't looks for perfection, looks for being YOURSELF!"


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