Friday 8 July 2011

To Shield Or Not To Shield?

I know, the new block blaster movie, Captain American: The First Avenger is coming soon, but I am not talking about the shield that used by him. I am referring to a more powerful, invisible shield that we tend to create ourselves to seemingly "guard" against others.

Previously, I used to fall into such over-protective mode, especially when dealing with colleagues or new acquaintance, it's kind of natural reaction but it also hinder the further development of the relationship and/or bonding. But now, I will be as opened as I deemed fit when dealing with others, I find that with this new found "freedom", I can enjoy more and care less!

Of course, I am not saying that we all should just remove the shield altogether and get to read by others like an opened book. What I am saying is that we should try to make the shield as thin as possible so that it does it's job of "protection" and at the same time we can still enjoy the moments with others.

My principle of life is that all people are deemed good unless proven otherwise. Life is short, let's spend less time in building the invisible shield and more time in truly enjoy the moment!

My related original quote:

"The invisible shield that we create to seemingly protect ourselves is also the shield that prevent us from going far!"

Enjoy your weekend.


P/S: Since I brought-up the movie Captain America, so, it's just right for me to share a little bit of this forthcoming block blaster movie. Enjoy....

Captain America : The Avenger movie trailer:

Captain America: The Avenger Movie Soundtrack:


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