Monday 11 July 2011

The Sun, The Sea and The Beach

"Happiness is when you are truly relax when you are relaxing, fully enjoy when you are enjoying!"

Talking about relaxing and enjoying, first thing that come to my mind is sun, sea and beach. When talk about sun, sea and beach, first destination that come to my mind (which is closer to me as I was born in Malaysia) is a small beautiful island called Langkawi which is located in Kedah, West Malaysia. Langkawi is also commonly known as the Jewel of Kedah.

As an ex-Malaysian, it's kind of "malu" (shame) to declare that I have just been there once and that's about more than 18 years ago (those were the days when I was much much younger). I am sure it has been drastically changed (for the better) and developed into a little paradise on it's own rights now. But I am also pretty certain that the sun, the sea and the beach that I used to enjoy will be there forever. If time permits, Langkawi is definitely one of my top pick list of great getaway destination.

After so many years of living in concrete jungle (Singapore), I guess it is time for me to consider going back to my home country and re-kindle the "kampung" (village) spirit! I know it would be a different feeling now as I am deemed as a returning visitor.However, regardless of where we come from, the sun, sea and beach will always make you RELAX and ENJOY!

Before I end my post, some great scenic photos of Langkawi extracted from the web for the sharing...

White sandy beach

Little islands surrounding the big island
Cable Car Station in Langkawi
Water as clear as mineral water!

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