Thursday 21 July 2011

How Connected Are You?

I am talking about the social network or social media here. The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the recent Google+ has taken the world by storm. I am sure many of you are more connected that you thought you are!

Recently I read a report in the newspaper that for those people who are more connected with social network sites tend to have more real friends i.e. more sociable "physically" (not sure how they support their findings). Another reason for us to get more connected. To me, I tend to interpret it the other ways around i.e. those who have more real friends tend to be more "open" in their connection and thus get connected more readily via social networks.

What do you think?

Having said that, there are still people who are non-believer of social networking sites, in fact, I have a few of my colleagues fall into this category! They are not any less sociable just not into getting to know "unreal" friend in the "unreal" world (that's what some of them told me!)

In any case, all "friendships" (be it in real person or through the web) should start and end with honesty and good intend! It is always good to get to know a few more friends around as our eyes have limited vision, it is a great journey to see the world through another person's eyes.

My original quote for the sharing:

"In the end, there is no end but just another beginning!"


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