Wednesday 6 July 2011


Today I am going to talk about a seemingly negative word called "Mad" but trying to retrieve the "positive" element of it and look at it positively!

I am sure you all know the meaning of "Mad", you get mad when thing is not going in accordance with what you are expected it to be, somebody interfering your way negatively or it's just not your day. Look at the picture on the left and you will know what I meant. In any case, I believed most of you will look at it as negative word.

So, I am trying to change your perspective towards this word by sharing a few positive sentiment/sentence associated with "mad":

1. Madly in love! (means you can't live without someone!)
2. Mad Scientist (usually they are the one who come out with world changing ideas/creation)

If you are still not convinced by the above, what about the following (which I believed most of you would be very familiar with)?

1. MAD comic (one of my favorite comic since young):

For more details of the MAD Comic, please visit their official site at DC Comics - MAD !

2. Mad Hatter (a prominent character in Alice In The Wonderland which often the source of the laughter):

Don't know who is mad hatter? Check out the "Alice In The Wonderland" DVD:

In short, the key is when comes to communication (written or verbal), it is important to understand the context of the communication and not just rely solely on the face value of the word! So, I am not mad when I said I like MAD! ;-P

My sharing of original quote:

"Every happiest and saddest moment will end eventually. Don't live in the past, always looks for the next moment of your lifetime!"


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